Composition florale pour jardin chic – Fleurs anniversaire

Kensington Ltd

For nearly 30 years, french florist Isabelle Mantelet has had the pleasure of working as a florist of weddings and events in the most complex and sumptuous decorations, as far as  the most rustic and country styled ...

Décoration florale Mariage extérieure – Décoration jardin éphémère bohème

Trends and osmosis

But she has always worked the real flowers, the real treasures of beauty. The white rose, the overwhelming osmosis of poetry and nature, ultimate gift to man created by the goddesses of beauty, a memory of ephemeral happiness. The daffodil, first among the spring flowers, fragile and timid princess of the undergrowth, the lilac quivering in the wind of spring, the peony, sensuous flower with thousand petals, the orchid, exotic flower, enigmatic and capricious, foliage and the greenery, bizarre and rare flowers, as many varieties of trends that you want ...

Express the beauty

It is during exuberant decorations of princely palaces, fashion shows, during composition of the bridal bouquet and flowers wreaths, on private occasions  and public events that Isabelle has been able to express all the beauty and floral poetry ... Her style is formed naturally, between the wild gardens of wild herbs and foliage, and the fragrant flowers of the summer garden. The garden style, inspired by the choice of the most magnificent flowers (roses, peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias ...) is easily suitable to the creation of ephemeral gardens and flower areas for floral event decoration.

Your scenography

Pour donner du cachet à vos évènements et en mettre plein les yeux à vos invités, trouvons de plus  jolies inspirations  dans nos jardins! Décoration du mariage, ou une scénographie d'une décoration anniversaire ou présentation du produit, vous ne soupçonnerez jamais que ce petit coin de paradis n’a même pas existé ici hier, car nous avons une façon naturelle de faire les choses. Isabelle avec son bâton magique et son équipe des magiciens "Things to Bloom" créera un jardin au centre de votre évènements To give emphasis of floral decoration on your event, let's find more beautiful inspirations in our gardens! Wedding decor, or a birthday party floral decoration or product launch, you will never suspect that this little piece of paradise  like a small garden, or a grove of plants did not even exist here yesterday because we have a natural way of doing things. Isabelle with her magic wand and her team of magicians "Things to Bloom" will create a garden in the center of your event.