Things To Bloom is your best  choice for the floral design of your private or professional events.

Things to Bloom  is a fusion of two skills: floral designer and  event planner. It is also a personal story of Isabelle and Adelina, who are now proposing you their experience and common values:  authenticity, thoughtfulness and harmony.  Entrust  your flower decoration to Things to Bloom to have an unique, rich and festive evening!


Our most important expertise concerns the floral decoration, which is a part of event design. Private evening, wedding or a corporate event, we create the floral concept upon your image, inspired by your style, culture and your own personnality. We are specializing in full-range floral design production, incorporating graphic concept, flower and plants choice,  floral project creation, financial management and finally the complete installation of the decoration in situ  by our teams.


We advise the decoration of each element of your private or professional event. We offer the solutions for the color palette, structures, decoration items, furniture and dishes renting , as well as the lightning solutions to enhance the beauty of your event, we are thinking of photocall, of  different zones decoration (welcome zone, lounge, dinner...). Thanks to our 30-years long experience in luxury services, we also offer the event consulting as venues and providers research, in France  (Paris, Cote d'Azur, Alps, Aquitaine...) and in whole Europe. 


   We are not scoring  the goals, selling your a number of floral centerpieces, buffet bouquets or wedding arches. No! We provide the professional analysis, carried out  dozens of floral designs based on tailor made concepts,  following  the latest fashion trends. 

ISABELLE MANTELET, 30 years of experience

Since almost 30 years, I had a unique chance to work as wedding and event florist for the most complex and lovish decorations, as well  as the most simple and rustic ones...

The white rose, the osmosis of poetry and the nature, the gift to mankind from the goddess of beauty in memory of ephemeral happiness...

The daffodil, the first of spring flowers, the fragile princess of undergrowth, the lilac, shivering on the fresh wind of spring, the peony, sensual flower of thousand petals, the orchid, exotic, enigmatic and capricious, I can feel each stem in my hands when I'm working the flowers …

And I could  express all their beauty and floral poetry decorating the exuberant prince's palaces, ambitious fashion shows (as Dior's ones...), creating the bride's bouquets or working on other private celebrations…  As well as I  put all my heart into  the bouquets of rustic flowers for countryside weddings. People say that I have fairy hands. May be.. But what is sure, that I love my job of florist and will never change it for anything else!

Floral Tour de France

I've grown up in Parisian region, and I logically  went ro work in Paris, but also to the mountains, in Bretagne, on sea shores like Cote d'Azur, I think I've made my own Tour de France....  As far as I had occasions, I was coming  to see my parents who had moved to La Nièvre region (Burgundy- France Center), to recharge my batteries in the yellow fields of Burgundy hills.  After I met Adelina, we settled ourselves close to my inspiration sources, far from parisian noise and sophisticated vanity fair. Here I'm thinking, speaking to flowers, and I m creating my bouquets in my floral workshop on the Loire shores, in 1h30 from Paris...

I'm eternally grateful to  my teachers, like Georges François and  Julien Septanil, great french decorators, who I had the chance to meet at my professional beginnings. I also have a lot of respect for my florist colleagues  and friends, like Hervé Chatelain, Eric Chauvin, Marina Pavlovic and many others, with whom I shared the toughest jobs during the event  decors in  Paris, Monaco,, Switzerland, Italy, United Amirates, Azerbaidjan, Moscow and even Africa. And I continue to move for "floral missions" across all the Europe, from Portugal to Czech Republic, and from Monte Negro to  Ibiza, scrolling by Courchevel, Megève and other upper crust resorts…


I think that I arrive to personal and professional maturity, letting me  through my work express my aesthetic spirit, my own style, that I preach for the simple and true things, the style which makes appear the Nature in all its perfect and royal harmony.  You may call it Garden style, but it is more than that. 

I love to work the perfumed rose, and why not mix the exotic flowers to the garden flowers on a wedding table, or also provide an explosion of colors in a garden party centerpiece with season's fresh  flowers? Why not to create a romantic garden for a birthday party or a sauvage grass decoration for rustic wedding's arch?...

Live happy in your gardens,
Isabelle Mantelet