Traditional colors for Christmas flowers

We are all dreaming of beautiful Christmas around a beautiful table, together with our family, and only closest friends… Of course, we are dreaming of beautiful table also!

Christmas tree for Courchevel

But are there any special flowers to use as Christmas flowers? We, florists, normally use any season or usual flowers, like roses, Amaryllis, Hortensias, but we certainly add in the “centerpiece” (the floral composition in the middle of your table) some golden or silver branches. The centre pice doesn’t have to be tall, 30-35 cm is enough, otherwise you wont see the person in face of you!

Centerpiece for Christmas table

And don’t forget that the Christmas tree has to be in harmony with your table ornament!

Traditional colors for Christmas flowers

Some bright colors for your celebration, in harmony with Christmas -red table cloth!

Centerpiece for Christmas table

And as for color selection, you can base your choice on traditional red , green and golden palette, or probably choose something more fresh, as these white, silver and acid green bouquets in vases, installed by the Things to Bloom team in a chalet of Courchevel.

White and gold centerpiece
Christmas floral composition
This Christmas bouquet created for a seasonal decoration by Things to Bloom florists
Christmas table decoration

This fresh centerpiece was created for a special celebration table in chalet of Courchevel

Bouquet de Noel

A golden bouquet is always a good idea to offer for Christmas!

Christmas wreath

You can certainly addition some Christmas wreathes or may be a little hand made Christmas tree, with natural or bright colors – everything depends only of your fantasy and inspiration!

Christmas  wreath
A traditional Christmas decoration
Sapin reconstitué

This mini Christmas-tree can be a great gift, if you make it by your hands!