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Do you know that traditions and tendencies exist in Christmas trees, as in fashion? First, in the decoration : you may have “American” Christmas tree, the kind of perfectly pyramidal, often artificial fir tree, as it is rare to find this shape in nature. Usually, they are decorated with tons of ribbons and other Christmas ornaments, and we imagine a good American family spending a day decorating this tree by listening to Jingle Bells and opening the boxes dated of the Pioneer era of the Wild West…

American style Christmas trees
The “American” shape of Christmas trees, thank you Google)

We in France, by far prefer the natural shapes, even if they are not regular, we forgive the Nature small deviations of form: an absent branch eaten by a deer, a point in long arrow, one side more plump than the other one… The essential for us is that the fir tree is natural and is freshly cut! Like, for example, our Christmas trees growing in the nurseries of the Morvan forest, the most rainy place in France …

If you are more traditional in the soul, you will opt for a green, natural Christmas tree. But which one????

The most known are “Epicea” kind (with flat branches, needles that dry quickly but smell good) and Nordman (those with a silvery reflection, have very bushy branches and regular, and last a long time ). But there are also the “Noble” fir trees (with the needles soft to the touch and silver blue color), “Douglas” fir (which are more the pines, coming from American continent), the “Blue” firs etc … Usually, our choice stops on the first two … And then, everything depends on your fantasy.

Welcome to Morvan rainy forrest to see the Christmas trees growing…
5 meters high “Polar’ flocked Christmas tree

We have to acknowledge, that the last 3 years the snow is a bit missing in Alps for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But there is always a solution: flocking! This process has revolutionized the very idea of ​​the Christmas tree: it flocks snow white even if snow is missing! But we can also flock in gold, silver, red, black, in all colors! So, no need for tons of plastic ornament, just a few snowballs, ribbons and light garlands enough. Look at this beautiful Christmas tree in polar blue, a Nordmann of 5 meters, which has kept all its charm of a natural fir, becoming a central object of a magical decoration for the Courchevel private party.

This very special Christmas tree was part of a heavy cargo of firs, birches and other plants that made up the “Iceberg” themed décor in polar blue colors. But one can very easily imagine also an enchanted white-and-green forest. Or may by a funny punky decor with color explosion?

Private party decoration in Courchevel

All the fir trees and plants that we use come from “Pépinières Garnier”, the 100% French producer and 100% eco-responsible. We never use the artificial staff! We just insist on our “3E” attitude:

  • ECOLOGICAL (our special flocking is produced with just a 100% natural cotton staff)
  • ESTHETICAL (we provide the most beautiful nature-inspired decors)
  • ECONOMICAL (we find all our materials just in voisin region of Burgundy, so minimum depenses on transport and other delivery costs )
Natural fir tree growing in Morvan
Flocked white Christmas tree in chalet
Courchevel Christmas tree
Flocked white and gold ornament

Isabelle Mantelet and all the team of Things to Bloom will be pleased to offer you the perfect Christmas decoration on any of ski resorts of French Alps. Please do not hesitate to contact us for hotels, shops, restaurant winter decoration, as far as the private chalet and houses. We bring fresh staff and are proud of it!

We offer collaboration to all concierge services, event agencies, touristic companies and private persons. With 30 years of winter decoration experience, we propose only the best for you or your clients!

We work in all French ski resorts and also Swiss side of Alps: Gstaad, St Moritz, Davos… Write us on French, English or Russian on!

Flocked decoration for Christmas party 2019
Beautiful centerpiece in colored flocked staff for Christmas table

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